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Position: Managing Director
Qualification: B. Eng. (Civil), Pr. Eng, MBA.
Responsibility: Company Management, Business Development, Project Overview
Experience: 20 years of Civil Engineering, mostly water related infrastructure. 9 Years of water and wastewater treatment at the helm of SEC/Alveo.
Position: Director, Process Engineer
Qualification: B. Eng. (Chem)
Responsibility: Design, Management, Business Development, Project Overview
Experience: 8 years of Chemical Engineering. Hydo-metallurgy, Water and Wastewater Treatment
Enaas Richards
Position: Design Manager
Qualification: BTech. (Civil), Pr. Tech Eng.
Responsibility: Design of water and wastewater treatment plants with relating civil infrastructure and Project Management.
Experience: 6 years of Civil Engineering in total. 5 Years of water and wastewater treatment at SEC/Alveo.
Gideon van Zijl
Position: Technical Sales & Procurement Manager: Pumps & Water Related Business
Qualification: Nat Dip Chem Tech, BTech Chem Eng.
Responsibility: Managing of Aquamart Retail Shop
Experience: 26 years of water management, pumps & irrigation (agricultural & domestic) related.
Tim Bertrand
Position: Director
Qualification: M.Sc Eng (Mech)
Responsibility: Company Management, Client Relations, Project and Workshop Management.
Experience: 8 years of Mechanical Engineering consulting and management. 2 years boiler house outsourcing and energy management. Made the positive move to a greener industry in 2015.
Tobias Feistauer
Position: Director of Alveo Energy
Qualification: M.Sc Mech Eng (Germany)
Responsibility: Company Management, Marketing, Product Development.
Experience: Dual fuel engine development for Schnell. Biogas and gasifier to electrical energy projects.
Morné Viljoen
Position: Divisional Manager (Electrical & Mechanical)
Qualification: ND Mechatronics
Responsibility: Electrical Design, Quotations, Procurement
Experience: 7 years of Electrical Engineering in the panel manufacturing and automation environment.
Technical Staff
Gideon Joubert
Position: Mechanical Engineer
Qualification: M. Eng. (Mechanical)
Responsibility: Design and overseeing of fabrication
Experience: 2 Years of Mechanical Engineering, 1.5 Years as Project Engineer at a opencast mine and 6 months as Mechanical Engineer treating water and wastewater.